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29 Apr 2018

Benefits of Owning All Risk Motorcycle Insurance

Benefits of Owning All Risk Motorcycle Insurance - Asura

The crime rate in big cities is quite high. You who own a motorcycle are very vulnerable to being targeted by criminals. Moreover, you who have a motorcycle at a price that is quite expensive. In addition to criminal problems, in a city that is densely packed, vehicles are certainly prone to accidents. The accident can damage your favorite motorbike. The cost of maintenance and repairs for expensive motors is certainly also expensive. That's why all risk motorcycle insurance is here to overcome this problem. All risk motorcycle insurance can only be owned by you who have a motorbike for a minimum of Rp. 30,000,000.

Basically there are two insurance for vehicles, namely all risk insurance and total loss insurance . Total loss insurance only guarantees compensation for your lost vehicle. While all risk insurance can guarantee compensation for your vehicle damaged by crime (crime), accident, theft, and fire. Insurance premiums are all risk more expensive. Because the risk that can be borne by all risk insurance is more. But you don't need to feel loss, because the high premiums are comparable to the benefits that you can receive. There are things that you need to consider before making all risk motorcycle insurance , such as events that are not covered by insurance such as natural disasters, etc.

Suppose you buy a CBR 250cc motorbike for Rp. 47,000,000. If you have all risk insurance with a 4.5% premium, then you only need to pay a premium of (4.5% x IDR 47,000,000) + IDR 20,000 (administration fee, only paid once) IDR 2,135,000 per year. If you have an accident and your motorcycle is seriously damaged. Without insurance, you have to pay IDR 5,000,000 especially if the parts are damaged and need to be imported. Whereas if you have insurance, you only need to pay Rp. 300,000 per event for claim fees.

The claim procedure for motorcycle damage is different for each company. In general, the procedure that must be done is as follows. You are required to report to the insurance no later than three days after the incident. Then you bring the motorbike to the workshop designated by the insurance. The workshop will report the estimated cost of repairs to the insurance company. Then you only need to wait for confirmation about repairing your motorbike. After the repair is complete, the insurance will pay off the repair costs. Then your repaired motorbike can be picked up and taken home.

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