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12 Apr 2018

Child Education Insurance, Do You Really Need It?

Child Education Insurance, Do You Really Need It? - Asura


Having insurance is very good and necessary. Especially for those who are indeed at high risk and have a tendency regreting and asking themselves questions "why-why". Money from future claims can be used to guarantee that if something happens, revenue is still safe.

But, many financial planner experts have provided advice and guidance to be careful and thorough before choosing the insurance that you want to buy. Because, it could be that instead of getting the benefits of insurance protection, it is even complicated in the future because it is wrong to not read the clause for submitting the policy in good faith at the beginning.

Because, in this insurance clause, the entire defense mechanism is poured out. By understanding clearly and surely, policyholders can be far from the chance of being disappointed behind.

Moreover, Asuansi is good and necessary. But if the policy holder carelessly buys it becomes a risk. Because if you sign the agreement, between the insurance company and the policy holder, it becomes a bond with the law, don't blame the insurance company if the claim is difficult to process in the future.

Just mention about education insurance. Financial planner experts explain, if this insurance is necessary but not urgent. This input arises from financial experts and actually if you think more about it, it's true.

The main reason, because education insurance is the goal because parents are usually worried that something happens to them, then the insurer will cover the children's education funds. This is like misunderstanding.

If so the purpose, should the insured person be the parent himself or the breadwinner. The choice of life insurance products, with the amount of insurance money planned to cover the cost of children's education to the level as desired. This sum insured will be used to cover the child's education costs.

Loh, if you continue to choose education insurance, why? This question might also arise, and the answer is of course as explained earlier, there are clauses or agreements in policies that are of a different nature, and it may be difficult for the future to file a claim. For example, if something happens to the child, and it turns out that the insurance scheme states that funds cannot be liquid, but it is transferred to another child, this can be a problem.

Reading by preparing for something negative with positive actions certainly doesn't hurt either. Make sure to read, and ask, before buying any insurance. Don't let it turn into regret later.

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