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24 Mar 2019

Here's Why You Badly Need a Life Insurance

Not Everyone Urges to Need Life Insurance, Here's the Priority Scale - Asura


Hearing the word insurance sometimes makes people shudder, and the reasons for this vary: many people have bad experiences with their insurance companies and some continue to pay premiums without being afforded the benefits anymore. Others do not know which insurance type has been availed and are reluctant to seek further information.

There are many types of insurance made available by companies in the market. One of them is a Life Insurance. Those who have ideas about what it is and have chosen this type of insurance surely have strong reasons, although there is a common belief that purchasing a life insurance is a waste of money.

This is certainly wrong, because yes, not everyone needs this type of insurance. But if you experience only one of these five conditions, then maybe you should think about getting your own life insurance.

High Mobility or Traveling Hobbies

There is a high risk of accidents for anyone who has high mobility. It is not surprising that some transportation service companies expect or even require passengers to have an insurance. The type depends on your preferences. Priority, of course, is given to the family of the person if an accident happens anytime.

Risky Working Conditions

Accidents can happen to anyone and there is no good time or place for them. It is especially true for those whose daily jobs are associated with high risks or those that require more physically active jobs such as heavy-equipment operators or construction workers, among others. Employers often provide insurance in such cases, but there's nothing wrong with also having your own insurance to avail of more abundant benefits.

Large Debt

When we apply for ownership loans, the bank often sometimes requests for life insurance documents. That is, if at any time something bad happens while the debt is still running, the life insurance funds can be used to cover or pay off the installments.

Provider of the family

If you are the breadwinner and the backbone of the family, you want to start thinking about getting your own life insurance. You wouldn't want to leave your family members starving and worrying about the future if a sudden accident happens to you because the insurance fund got you and your family covered. Work more calmly and keep the family's future secured.

Having a family

Family is the main reason for us to work hard, especially for fathers who serve as the main providers. It is also true for young people who have plans to have a family in the near future. There's nothing wrong with having life insurance, when at any time something bad happens, the benefits of the claim will continue to be addressed to the family left behind.

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