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13 Apr 2018

Importance of Vehicle Insurance Cover

Importance of Vehicle Insurance Cover - Asura

If you buy a motorcycle or a new car on credit, you will definitely be given various requirements plus additional fees. These additional costs include the cost of vehicle insurance and there are even companies that provide life insurance facilities. But there are still many people who think that insurance payment is only a burden for them. In fact, many people prefer to pay cash to avoid paying vehicle insurance.

If you want cash or credit payments, it is just fine as long as it depends on the capacity of your budget. But, registering vehicle insurance is a better decision. You'll never know what will happen to the vehicle you just bought. It could be exposed to risk of negligence, severe damage or an accident. The existence of vehicle insurance will protect your vehicle from the risk of loss or damage for you to feel comfortable and safe while driving.

The process of claiming insurance when there is a risk of loss or damage is also easy. First, you need to report to the police to ask for an order of the loss of the vehicle. Then, report to the insurance company by preparing documents such as the original BPKB, motorbike purchase invoice, photocopy of ID card, driver's license, insurance policy, information on motor vehicle losses from the police as well as several blank receipts with denominations. The insurance officer will check all documents, insurance policies, examine reports, check the crime scene and also interview witnesses or the police. This process takes 30 business days.

Then, if the document is complete, the insurance company will conclude that your file is true of motor vehicle theft. The value of the loss premium will not be paid in full like the value of the vehicle at the beginning, because there is a depreciation value of the vehicle. But of course, you will not be totally harmed by loss or damage caused by motorcycle misfortune or damage. Vehicle insurance could be of great help to you.

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