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14 Jan 2020

Reasons To Change Your Car Insurance

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Car Insurance - Asura


The amount of information available and tempting offers from insurance sales made some people attracted and decided to take car insurance that they actually did not know well. Some insurance users feel they have found a suitable car insurance, but others have to experience disappointments. Here are 5 reasons why you need to replace car insurance:

Less protection

The need for protection on a car may change over time, so pay attention to the vehicle insurance that you currently have. Do you find that the coverage has many gaps? Or what type of coverage do you want right now is not covered? If yes, then this is a good time to move insurance.

Bad Claim Experience

Now is the right time to change insurance. You can start looking for other insurance information, with complete data sources to make comparisons, from online insurance forums or friends.

Difficult Customer Service

Contact your insurance customer service, either by phone or email. Even though you have been a participant in the insurance for many years, it's time to move companies. If customer service is difficult to contact, how can it be relied on to solve insurance problems?

Workshop Not Satisfying

Car insurance will always be related to repair shops. Every insurance company usually has cooperated with a workshop or commonly called a partner workshop, but not all of these workshops are considered feasible. Sometimes some of them do not provide satisfactory service.

If you find that the workshop service on your car insurance is not satisfactory, this can also be a reason to find another provider.


Vehicle insurance is important, therefore, various insurance company services for vehicles must also be maximal and can satisfy customers. For those of you who have often found a mismatch with your vehicle insurance service, don't waste any more time changing insurance to another company.

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