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09 May 2018

The 5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Refuse Your Motorbike's Insurance Claim

The 5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Refuse Your Motorbike's Insurance Claim - Asura

Are you fond of motorbikes? Do you have a cool motorbike that is definitely expensive? Or a myriad of other reasons related to your favorite motorcycle? Whatever it is, you should complete it with a motorcycle insurance. The reason, of course, is for protection in case your favorite motorbike gets damaged or even stolen.

Many people now realize that motorbike insurance is as important as any other insurance. But there are also those who get disappointed because several times they submit claims but get refused by insurance companies.

Wow, is that a bad insurance company? Eits, wait a minute, don't let the claim be rejected then blame the insurance company. It can be loh, actually we ourselves are ignorant of things that can hinder the approval of our claim. If you have motorcycle insurance, these 5 things should be avoided if you do not want a claim to be rejected by the insurance company.

Do you have a SIM?

Do you have a SIM? If not, better take care of it first before you avail of a motorcycle insurance. Because, for sure if you drive without a SIM, anything that happens will be outside the responsibility of the insurance company. In addition, this is a violation of law which of course is a high risk. An insurance company will immediately say "NO" to any claim submitted.

Three Checks

Want to submit a motor insurance claim? Make sure you have three checks. What are the three checks? First check the completeness of documents and identity, check the deadline for submitting the policy, and finally check the validity period of the policy. Make sure all clear , if you want to process claims smoothly.

No Engineering

Insurance companies are very allergic to the word "engineering". Make sure there is no engineering in terms of the body of the motor, meaning that the motor is not modified, and also the cause of the loss of the motor. Don't expect the claim to be accepted if your motorcycle is lost due to your own negligence, for example because of careless parking, plus forgetting to lock the motorcycle handlebar.

When you drive, don't you mabok! Obey Traffic Rules

Driving while intoxicated is definitely not a good thing. The insurance company can cancel your coverage automatically if they find out that you were driving while mabok. Breaking traffic rules, even for just not wearing a helmet, is also a reason for insurance companies to reject claims.

In accordance with the intended use of the motorbike?

Motorcycles are made to transport people, not goods. Motorcycle design, generally is for driving and is not intended to transport goods, except for three-wheeled wheelbarrows, the story is different. So if the motorbike is damaged because it doesn't fit the purpose of it, it can be ascertained that the insurance company will reject the introduction of your claim.

Don't rush to the insurance company if one of the five questions appears as a cause of damage or loss of the motorbike. So make sure first before blaming the insurance company for motorcycle insurance claims that are rejected.

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