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10 Apr 2018

The Benefit of Having a Personal Accident Insurance: Learn From Yanto's Story

The Benefit of Having a Personal Accident Insurance: Learn From Yanto's Story - Asura

A friend, named Yanto, once had an accident. Once when he went to the office, he was tired because he stayed up all night. Departing early in the morning, and heading to a jammed industrial area, of course, requires high concentration.

What's more, many roads in Surabaya are being repaired. When he was racing to drive his motorbike, Yanto, who was suddenly sleepy, was surprised to find that there was a road repair material sitting on the side of the road. He suddenly braked and inevitably, Yanto loses balance. Malang cannot be denied, Yanto had an accident at that time. There was a wound on his temple that had to be sewn, his hand was broken, and inevitably, Yanto had to be hospitalized.

The cost of treatment was not small, especially because Yanto stayed for several days in the hospital. A doctor's order was issued, and Yanto had to lie in a hospital bed for a little longer.

Despite all the misfortune, Yanto still can at least breathe a sigh of relief. He still has a personal accident insurance policy from the private sector. He takes care of himself first, so he is listed as an accident insurance policy holder independently.

To file a claim, Yanto is only required to attach the original proof of payment from the hospital. Furthermore, Yanto also knows that the insurance company covers medical expenses according to the policy. Yanto's smooth claim was calm.

Insurance can indeed bring benefits. As long as the policy holders understand well a number of things. Starting from the range of protection or coverage, completing the identity, as well as the deadline for taking the applicable claims.

Yanto was indeed lucky, even though he experienced misfortune. He immediately contacted his family. He asked for family assistance to take care of matters relating to the need for filing insurance claims. What if at that time Yanto had no insurance policy? He would have had a hard time paying the hospital bills and he would be in so much more trouble. Thankfully, he had prepared for himself and bought a personal accident insurance. We should learn from his story.

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