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22 Nov 2019

The Characteristics of a Good Insurance Agent

The Characteristics of a Good Insurance Agent - Asura

It is believed that every human being cannot live alone especially in fulfilling their daily activities. Humans need partners. The inability of humans to live alone is only natural and shows that we are social beings who seek for help and comfort from others. Having a partner in life like husbands or wives, children and parents is reassuring and encouraging. So, in the business world, it is reasonable to have a colleague or business partner who can help you with your venture. The more a person engages in various activities, the more he/she is able to meet acquaintances that could be his/her partner later in life.

Colleagues or friends in life are often considered close relatives because they are mostly the ones who can understand you best. We usually have close friends or best friends who are always there for us especially when we are experiencing difficulties. This is the underlying concept of insurance companies having insurance agents to guide you in searching for insurance products that will protect you in the future. They can be your buddies in life giving advice about insurance. An insurance agent is expected to be friendly, knows his way on getting along with his clients, has good communication skills, equipped with adequate knowledge about work and is accessible to customers. What characteristics should a good insurance agent possess? The following are some characteristics that a good insurance agent must have:


A good insurance agent must be friendly. Insurance agents must treat every employee in the company and prospective customers well. They must be always kind and polite in dealing with clients. A good insurance agent does not use offending words that can hurt clients. An agent must have a soft voice and knows how to empathize. Therefore, insurance companies must be careful in hiring insurance agents to satisfy consumers.

Enough Knowledge

Insurance agents must have sufficient knowledge about the insurance products they sell and about insurance in general. Some insurance agents do not have enough knowledge about their products and work. The reason could be lack in training or the resourcefulness of gaining information. With this, clients may not get detailed information about the policy they wanted to buy. Questions will be left unanswered and this could be upsetting. A company may lose a possible customer because of this. Insurance companies must hire agents who are qualified for the job.

Easy to contact

Lastly, a good insurance agent must be easy to reach. Agents must have accessible contacts. But, consumers must note that every agent serves several customers, thus, may not be available at all times. So, when buying insurance, it is better to have easy access with your agent to make it easier for you to ask for help when problems arise. It will also be easier for you to file for possible claims later. In addition, you can also report immediately to your agent if there are occurrences of risks.

Insurance agents wish to convince customers to avail their products. So, they must have the characteristics of a good insurance agent to fulfill their duties.

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