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07 Jun 2018

Worry No More When Planning A Baby With These Tips

Do the following protection and financial planning before you have a moment - Asura


Young couples planning to conceive a baby should make necessary considerations before arriving at a final decision. Remember that having a baby may be a blessing but takes a huge responsibility for both parents.

Considerations of mental and physical readiness is not enough, but they must also think about the financial obligations that will arise during the woman's pregnancy and after the baby is born.

What Should Be Done To Prepare For Having A Baby

Some of the factors for many young couples who have yet to decide on having a baby are their financial incapacity, their jobs, and health. Be reminded of these tips before conceiving a baby:

  • Perform financial check up

Doing financial check up means checking your financial condition. Your financial condition is said to be good when the income you get is greater than the expenses you make and vice versa. But if your financial expenses are more than your income, it is not yet advisable to create a family.

Look carefully at your monthly cash flow--which parts needed to be repaired, and which expenses are need to be eliminated. Because preparing for and having a baby can already exhaust a huge expense, so it is very necessary to prepare a substantial amount for check-ups, children's equipment, maternity costs, among others. If you can, set aside some income to invest or take insurance.

  • Practice life with the source of one income

Often times, many young couples are trapped by the dilemma of what happens after giving birth. Will the wife get back to work or at home take care of the little one? But note that there is no better feeling than raising your children on your own. If you decide that your wife must stay at home, it might affect your family's financial condition. But by practicing life from only one source of income, you will become accustomed to your financial conditions and will not be a burden anymore.

  • Allocate funds and thoughts for children's education costs

Children's rights are to get proper education like children in general. Therefore it is important to allocate funds for children's education in the future. In addition, every parent would want their children to get quality education, which of course has to be paid. Preparing early childhood education funds with savings or education insurance can guarantee the future of your child's education.

  • Pension and inheritance funds

Why do we also need to think about pension funds and inheritance? Because as good parents, we wanna give the best for our children to prepare for the time when we are not productive anymore. Preparing a retirement fund early will prevent us from burdening the child. Besides, the younger the child is, the lesser money to be spent. This is the greatest time to allocate your income to pension funds and inheritance.

With these in mind, couples no longer need ti defer having a baby. You can apply the above financial strategies so that your financial condition is good and on the other hand your dream of having children does not need to be postponed.

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