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04 Oct 2019

Yamaha NMAX versus Honda PCX 150: Which One Is Better

Yamaha NMAX versus Honda PCX 150, Why does Honda Say Yamaha NMAX a Sissy Product? - Asura

Honda and Yamaha are the two main manufacturers of motorcycle. Inevitably, the presence of the Honda PCX 150 was immediately greeted by the welcome of Yamaha NMAX.

Check out the weighing reviews of these two products in the ring dealer:

  • The body size and design are relatively luxurious and large
  • Yamaha NMAX is much cheaper compared to Honda PXC
  • Honda PCX is more modern in design with LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) features with main lights and integrated turn signal into one.
  • Honda NMAX has turn signal that is separate from the main lights.
  • It has relative dimensions and windshields and is equally large and luxurious

Why does Honda say NMAX is a effeminate product? Check out this cliche reason:

"Yamaha NMAX has some disadvantages such as local production, a design that is less cool than PCX, and has technology that is still less complete than Honda PCX."

Consider the specifications of the two latest generation motors:

  • NMAX is superior in terms of engine performance, considering that the large scale scooter has carried the 4-stroke engine technology with a single cylinder SOHC with a capacity of 155 cc. This engine power supply is able to drive a moving motor with 11.1 kW of power at 8,000 rpm with a torque of 14.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm.
  • The Honda PCX 150 until the latest release when launching the product relied on the performance of the 153 cc engine which produces 9.9 kW of power at 8,500 rpm and peak torque of 13.7 Nm at 5,500 rpm.
  • In terms of supporting speed on the road, the size of both wheels is also different. NMAX wheels use 110/70/13 M / C 48P in front and 130/70/13 M / C 63P at the rear. While PCX applies front tires 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P and 100/90 - 14 M / C 57P behind.

When viewed from the side of the features, many motorcycle observers consider Honda PCX to be superior because it has an Answer Back System, idling stop system technology, and a small rack equipped with a cellphone charger socket. On the other hand, the capacity of the Honda PCX tank is also more than that of NMAX. PCX can accommodate 8 liters of gasoline, while NMAX can only accommodate 6.6 liters.

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