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Privacy Commitment

Asura is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data and personal information. This policy shows how Asura manages the personal information we obtain, use and publish, and how to contact Asura if you have further questions about managing your personal data. This policy does not protect the personal information collected or possessed by the Asura or its corporate body, relating to employees who work in it.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is any form of information or opinion, whether true or false, that identifies a person or individual. Example: person's name, address, contact number, and email address.

Sensitive information is a special category of personal information. Included in sensitive information is information on one's health and race, tribe or ethnicity, political views, political membership, employment or trade association, other religions or beliefs, sexual preferences and criminal history.

How does the Asura collect and store your personal information?

Asura will only collect personal information about you in a legitimate and fair manner. Asura collects personal information in a variety of ways. In practice, Asura usually collects personal information (or from your official representative) when:

  • You request a price quote for a product or service offered by our insurance partner.

  • You buy or register for a product offered through Asura or our insurance partner.

  • You contact us by telephone, letter, e-mail, or via online.

  • You visit the Asura website (including when you request a price quote). We provide other products or services to you, or

  • You participate in all forms of promotions, competitions, special offers or other offers with Asura or with Asura partners.

At certain times, Asura collects personal information from customers or potential customers from third parties who work with Asura or from other open sources of information, or from marketing lists and the like that Asura has legally obtained.

If you provide other people's personal information (for example: family members) to Asura, please make sure to inform this policy in advance to the party concerned.

Personal information such as what is collected and stored by Asura?

The type of personal information collected and stored by Asura depends on the conditions at which the information was collected, including the conditions under which Asura collects information from you as a customer, insurance partner, stakeholder, contractor, job applicant or as another party.

For example, if you request a price quote from a product or service provided by an Asura insurance partner, we will ask for your personal data in the form of name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, and other information that we need in order to provide offers price. If you transact with Asura in a certain capacity (such as insurance partners, suppliers or stakeholders), we will ask for the name, contact details and other information you want to provide to us.

Other personal information that you provide through the website or from our contact center (for the need to find a price comparison, request a price quote or to buy a product), will be collected and stored by Asura.

To be able to provide several services, we are required to collect and store some sensitive information about you (such as your medical information or lifestyle), for example when you want to get a price comparison of life insurance or health insurance. We only collect sensitive information about you with your consent (unless we are legally permitted or required to collect that information).

If you want to provide personal information to third parties through Asura (for example: the purchase of a product or service through a third party website connected to Asura) which information is collected and managed by a third party, make sure you have learned the privacy policy applied by that party, before deciding to provide your data.

Under certain conditions, we will monitor and record the telephone calls that you have addressed to us. For example: calls received by our contact center are monitored and recorded for training purposes, customer service, and compliance with regulatory obligations. Some products sold by our insurance partners can cover more than one person (for example: health insurance policy for families and couples that includes two or more people). If you provide us with information about a spouse or the insured in the policy, you must have permission from the party concerned to provide that information to us, and you must inform this policy to those parties.

If we cannot get your personal information, we may not be able to provide our products or services, or cannot deal with you or the organization / agency that is connected to you.

How does Asura use your personal information?

We use your personal information for a variety of reasons, including:

  • provide services and products for our customers

  • Answering questions and providing services for customers

  • Inform our customers or potential customers about other products, services, and promotional offers that we consider attractive to them

  • Ensure that we meet the needs of participating insurance partners

  • Maintain and improve our services

  • Meet our legal regulations and obligations

  • Manage and resolve complaints and legal and commercial issues

  • Assess the quality of job applicants to later be included as employees in the present or in the future

  • Maintain good relations with insurance partners, suppliers, and stakeholders

  • Carry out internal functions including training

  • Conduct marketing research and analysis

We may be able to use your personal information for other purposes that are required or legally authorized, including other interests that you have agreed to. The agreement can be in the form of writing or non-verbal (verbal), or implied by your actions.

In what conditions will Asura open your personal information to the public?

In order to run a business and provide products or services for you, we may open some information about you. Specifically, your personal information may be distributed among the Asura business fields for purposes whose purpose is explained in this policy.

We will also disclose your personal information on (where appropriate and appropriate):

  • Apabila Anda adalah pelanggan kami, kami dapat membuka informasi pribada Anda kepada mitra asuransi kami (sebelum memutuskan untuk memberikan informasi Anda kepada mitra asuransi kami secara langsung atau lewat link pada website kami, mohon baca kebijakan privasi yang diterapkan oleh masing-masing mitra asuransi tersebut)

  • Penasehat profesional (seperti pengacara atau auditor)

  • Insurance partners who are bound by a contract with us, including:

    1. IT service provider

    2. Payment system operators and financial institutions

    3. Organizations that legally have authority from Asura to conduct promotions, research or marketing activities

  • Law enforcement agencies or government officials

  • Other parties acting on your behalf, including those you appoint, implementers, trustees, and legal representatives.

Direct Offer

If you are our consumer or have the potential to become a consumer, we may contact you from time to time, to inform the products and services offered by Asura and our business partners, which we consider appropriate for you. We may contact you via mail, telephone, e-mail or SMS.

You will be deemed to agree to accept offers from us in the above ways if you do not choose to refuse to accept offers from us. This will last until an indefinite time, except or until you ask us to stop sending offers. You can choose not to get bidding information whenever you want.

If you want to know how Asura gets your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer. Asura will inform you, unless it cannot be implemented for certain reasons.

How can you choose to no longer accept direct offers?

If you do not want your personal information to be used for marketing purposes, or you do not wish to be contacted in the ways mentioned above, please inform us by contacting our Privacy Officer.

Under certain conditions, we may need to contact you to collect some additional information, to verify your identity, or to clarify your request.

Does Asura open / spread consumer personal information to other parties abroad?

Some of our insurance partners may be located overseas. Therefore, Asura may provide your personal information to related parties abroad, including related parties located in the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

For example: At certain times, we use facilities owned by third parties to provide or store information. These third party sites are managed by an agency or organization other than Asura, and some of these sites are located abroad.

Use of Government Identification Signs

Asura will not use data related to India government IDs, such as SIM numbers, ID numbers as variables to identify someone.

Data Quality and Security

We can store your information in hardcopy or electronic form. We will endeavor to ensure the security of your personal information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorized access, modification, and disclosure.

This safeguard can include several systems and measures for communication security, as well as a place to secure hardcopy documents. In addition, permission to access personal information is only for legitimate parties to gain access.

We rely on the personal information we hold to run our business. For this reason, it is very important for us to have accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. If you feel that the personal information you provide is not accurate, incomplete, not the latest information, and is irrelevant or even wrong, please contact our Privacy Officer. Asura will help to correct this information.

Use of the Website

The Asura website is placed and operated in an environment that is guaranteed safety. However, you must remain vigilant about various possible risks that cannot be avoided when you send personal information via the internet.

Cookies are parts of information that a website transfers to your computer for recording purposes. The information collected may be used by Asura to improve your experience in interacting on our website. In addition, we also collect some non-personal information from our website to help improve the quality of online services and marketing from Asura. This non-personal information collected can help us to improve the content and website navigation of Asura.

When you visit our online site, our system may collect information about your visit for statistical purposes, including:

  • Server address

  • Top Level Domain (TLD) names, for example: .com, .net,, .co, and others

  • Time and date of your visit

  • Pages that you access and data or documents that you download when visiting our website

  • Other sites that you previously accessed

  • Information about your visit: have you ever visited our website before

  • The type of browser you use

Link to Third Party Sites

Although Asura provides links that refer to the pages of third party sites, Asura is not responsible for the content or practices of these third party websites.

The link is intended for your convenience and the link is not a form of promotion from Asura for third party websites. Check the privacy policies of each of the relevant third parties before providing your personal information or data.

How to Access or Correct Your Personal Information

You can request access to change or correct the personal information that we have stored by contacting our Privacy Officer and we can provide access to you while still being subject to applicable laws and regulations.

In some conditions, requests to access personal information can be rejected. Example:

  • Access to personal information can affect or violate the privacy of others.

  • Request access is inappropriate and disturbing.

  • The information you want to access relates to the legal process that is being or will occur, and that information is usually not accessible in connection with the legal process.

  • Granting access is an unlawful step.

  • Applicable laws or regulations prohibit access.

  • Providing access will tend to harm an enforcement action that is being carried out by the authorities or related agencies.

  • The provision of access can reveal evaluative information relating to sensitive and commercial decision making; or

  • Access to data and information can pose a threat to the lives, health and security of others or the public.

How to convey complaints related to privacy?

Please contact our Privacy Officer through the details we provide below if you have specific complaints or concerns about how Asura collects or takes care of your personal information. We will examine your complaint, and will respond in writing within 30 days.

How to contact us?

Contact us if you:

  • Have questions, special attention or complaints about how Asura collects or takes care of your personal information.

  • Want to get a hard copy of this privacy policy, or want to discuss other matters related to this policy or privacy issues in general.

  • Want to get access to change or correct your personal information.

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